Your doctoron board

With NaviCare, commercial, tourist, and recreational ships and boats have a new monitoring tool for crew emergencies.

The telemedicine service to manage medical emergencies at sea

NaviCare offers H24/365 care from doctors and healthcare operators. A dedicated channel ensures the live transmission of vital parameters that enable personalized care.

It is an innovative telemedicine service that integrates state-of-the-art sensing and data transmission devices.

A doctor on board in a minute

Data collection and transmission

Remote butclose to you

With its remote communication system and an operations center, NaviCare raises the standards of maritime medical rescue with Class II A-rated medical devices for the detection and transmission of objective vital parameters and by making available health care providers and specialists ready to take charge of the patient promptly via teleconsultation.

ImmediateMedical Assistance

More safety for passengers and crew

During navigation, the need may arise to consult a health specialist who can provide competent answers to reassure passengers and crew.

With NaviCare, you now have immediate health care to handle with the help of a specialist any critical situation while sailing.


Remote support, eye contact and data collection

Operations Center



The Process

1. Request for

2. Immediate

3. Triage

4. Medical

1. Request for action

2. Immediate takeover

3. Triage

4. Medical consultation

The centraloperative

Healthcare professionals at your service

The pool ofspecialists

Always ready to intervene

With NaviCare, a pool of medical specialists and caregivers is available H24/365 for any medical health needs, always ready to provide a consultation to manage the patient in real-time.

Who We Are

HospitHome is an innovative company that has been promoting the integration of telemedicine into healthcare delivery for years. In particular, it develops ad hoc telemonitoring services that, in addition to the use of technology, involve the involvement of the health care network already in place to improve patient care.
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